Published the 30:th of August 2018

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A-WA is a band formed by 3 sisters who combine Yemenite folk singing with electronic dance music.

حبيبي بكى اعياني, مبيش مثله حبيب ثاني حبيبي بكى اعياني, وكم رحله وخلاني حبيب قلبي ويا عيني عجب من عيبك مني عجب من عيبك مني, جهل ياكل ولا يهني, حبيب قلبي ويا عيني, عجب من عيبك مني من اول طلعة الفجر, حنق خيلي وسار يجري حنق خيلي وسار يجري, حنق يا ناس وما بدري, حبيب قلبي ويا عيني عجب من عيبك مني حبيب القلب اعياني , سنة وشهرين وما جاني سنة وشهرين وما جاني, يا ناس رحله وشجاني, حبيب قلبي ويا عيني عجب من عيبك مني لمن اشكي ويفهمني, لمن ابكي ويرحمني لمن ابكي ويرحمني, منو منكم يساعدني حبيب قلبي ويا عيني عجب من عيبك مني

Love of my heart, my eyes
It is a wonder who has set you against me
He dared to eat but not be satisfied
And as the dawn rose
My love got upset and left running
My love got upset, o’ people!, and I am left unknowing
Love my of heart, my eyes…
My love has made my eyes cry
He rose and left me
And there is no other love like him Love of my heart, my eyes…
Love of my heart, my eyes
A year and a half has passed and he has not returned to me
O’ people, he has left and driven me mad
Love of my heart, my eyes…
To whom can I bemoan that will understand me?
To whom can I cry that will pity me?
Which of you will help me? Love of my heart, my eyes…

Music credits:

Lyrics & Music - Traditional Yemenite Folk
Produced & Arranged by Tomer Yosef
Recording by Dan Zeitune
Vocals - Tair, Liron & Tagel Haim
Keyboards - Tom Darom
Drums - Tamir Muskat
Bass & Guitars - Itamar Ziegler
Electronic Drums & Percussion - Tomer Yosef
Mixed by Tamir Muskat @ Vibroeast Studio
Assistant engineer - Omri Amdo
Mastering by Shmulik Daniel @ Hook &High Mastering

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An extremly lively piece of music for being an abiotism.

 Basspistol v 4.20

Music is not a number. Software versioning is. It's time to bringing back cultural diversity to the interwebs.