Sat, Feb 09, 2019

徒 Setto セット is at it again! This time with an amazing cover art illustration by the designer of the basspistol logo: Mattias “Ritarn” Lindström

While the A-side offers a sweet balade about taking social initiatives away from the the web, its b-side opens up for a new, dark voice. The story of a network misfit, finding it hard to cut through the noise of cats, selfies and political propaganda. But what if there was another space within that space? What if there was a place the strange could call a home? Well there is one, it’s nicknamed “Darkweb” and you might like it.

As dystopian as the present might seem on-line, there is always room for a strange future in the cypher. At the end of the tunnel through the flashy but controlled cyberspace we call the “Internet”, a light of hope for the underground is shining.


Warning, some links might lead you to webshits like google, with aggressive tracking.