K'as-tu fait de nous?

K'as-tu fait de nous?

Satoshi Mon Ami EP, out now!

徒 Setto セット is releasing on basspistol in 2019! First out is the 2 track EP “Satoshi Mon Ami”.

The 2 tracks of laid back cloud rap are tales of daily didigtal life-struggles. When day-to-day communication blurrs the line between the virtual and real. Being close to someone, without them knowing, anonymoulsy and obsesively thorugh a device. Decrypting interconnected sub-stories from every node in the graph and losing your mind on it.

What’s the latest story? FOMO to the max, The Fear Of Missing Out!

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Waiting Game

Sakrecoer Sells out!


What if there was another space within cyberspace? What if there was a place the strange could call a home?

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