Basspistol Libre Radio

Basspistol Radio Station! 777% without commercials! RobotDJ-sets and live interventions! This is the sound of freedom. To enjoy the stream in your favorite player click here

Bellow is the list of all the generous artists making this radio possible. Some of them simply have no crib on the internet. If you know that they now have a URL, if you somehow find a missing name or if you are featured on this list but no longer wish to be, please conact us ASAP. Also feel free to contact us if you think your music would fit in the radio!

#SickHop#SoloCut - 6ummy 6oy - Acid Burn & Zero Cola - Acid Russian - Alex Dellarge - Alligator 427 - Baatar - Baatar & LK de l'Hotel Moscou - Baka Hakuzin - Basspistoleros - Bombgad - Budget Scifi From FragleBay - Clay Bullet - DJ reaganomics - Dr. Powerplant - Ekoteknik - Finsta - Franky Fresco - Hugo Ball - Journee Standard - Jovani Occomy - Kantaro. - Kruzh'em - Lasermoon - Louigi Verona - Luka Prinčič - Makala - MalmΓΆ Werewolf - Mans1 - Max + Bo - Mazouni - Moelodin - Njursvikt - Panyxd Hilton - Pauvre Coude - Perseid - R$KP - RaptimusPrime - Risto Holopainen - Roots Dubman - Sakrecoer - Spark Master Tape - Staring At Screens - Synapset - Trevor Something - Ultramiedo - Vulgarians - Wigsplitaz - paypal - som Disko - ytcracker - εΎ’ setto γ‚»γƒƒγƒˆ

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