Musical Tourism

Sun, Oct 17, 2010

Synapset is a blitz-collective. Their album questions the space existing between people and how music interconnects them. It is based on experimenting with the risk of taking opportunities in life and reproduce them with machines. It’s core formation is Synapskollaps and reSet Sakrecoer, with special appearance by Dr.Tikov.


(1)Feat. Keys By Dr. Tikov, (2)Feat. Rap By Charlot, (3)Feat. Guidtar By Dr. Tikov, (4)Feat. Vox By Dr. Tikov, (5)Feat. Guitar By Tikov
Recorded In The FragglRock Studio v2.59, Barcelona
Cover photo by Patsy Boop, Edit by the Sakrecoer Design Robot
Mastered By Dr. Tikov
Synapskollaps http://trig.com/snps
Dr. Tikov http://tikov.com/
reSet Sakrecoer http://sakrecoer.com
© Synapset - 2010 - All rights Reserved - Creative minded Rightholders.


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