Psykedelisk Pop

Mon, Sep 06, 2010

In colourful soundscapes and lyrics, Sakrecoer narrates more than music.

All Music Written, performed, programmed, recorded, mixed, and arranged by reSet Sakrecoer. Except:
(1). Featuring Gregoire Iwaniec On Guitar
(2). Featuring Don Miguel De Suecia On Lead Vocals & Lyrics
(3). Feat Soulfed On Guitar & Dr.Tikov on Synths.
Mastered by Gregoire Iwaniec, Except “Step Up”. Mastered by reSet Sakrecoer.
Cover Art by Trans Ritarn and reSet Sakrecoer

This project was recorded between 2005 and 2010. It was made with love, for no particular reason. It is involving and dedicated to people. I hope you recognize yourself.
/reSet Sakrecoer

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