Let's make sandwiches on the Glance-Floor

Let's make sandwiches on the Glance-Floor

Confined again? No Problem: stay home and have fun! Following the success of the first edition and seeing how the server survived, we are forced to reiterate this damage happy ritual!

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On the 27th of November we’re having a little virtual party with a Glance-Floor and everything cool one has come to expect from a virtual night club. We’ll be leveraging the sweet Mozilla hubs and of course the Radio for optimal sound.

For the occasion we’re looking for people who might be interested in DJ-ing/performing? To make it interesting, I’m paying DJs/performers 200 $audio.

It’s basically shameless p-nuts, but there is no sales what so ever during the event, hence no revenue to split. Just some funky crypto out of my own pocket that may or may not be worth the effort. (200 $audio ~= 20 dollars today, could be 0 or 200 tomorrow)

Contact us here if you’re interested in performing

There are few technicalities that needs to be met in order to achieve get you streaming, so if you are interested, please let us know a little in advance so we can set you up. But in the broader lines all you need is a decent internet connection, a sound card and your usual DJ-rig

Feel free to invite your friends and close ones! You can invite everyone, even the few sane people who still boycott Facebook! (so long as you have an email, spam-free guarantee) using the button bellow!

Looking forward to see you on the Glance-Floor!


Set Sakrecoer
Co-Founder | GPG
Multidisciplinary humanoïd. I am funky and I deliver because i was born tomorrow.

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