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Synapset is a blitz collective formed in Barcelona, over a week in the beginning of April 2010 by Synapskollaps and reSet Sakrecoer. It is based on experimenting with the risk of taking opportunities in life and reproduce them with machines. It questions the space existing between people and how music interconnects them. This album was written, recorded, mixed and mastered in 7 days.



Traveling by plane, traveling by shoe.
Traveling by mind, traveling by heart too.
Traveling away from you.
Welcome aboard spacessip EZJT7,
Destination Love
You will find the communicator, between your two eyes in your forehead
We wish you a pleasant journey,
And have sweet dreams.
ouu ouu …
Passenger of flight EZJT7, it’s time to wake up.
You may open the window, to the left of your heart.
As you can see, today is a sunny day in dreamland.
We hope you’ve joined the flight.
Please remember that in this country you have to love.
Wait till the sign shows, and you may leave.
We hope that next time you will fly with us again, back and forth.

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