Step Up

Electro Pop by reSet Sakrecoer

From the 2010 release "Psykedelisk Pop"



get down
it's now or never
are you like me do you feel the fever?
do you also dream of the words all together?
of colors , love and of happy for ever?

it can't be that hard we just have to work
the politicians are all an obvious set of jerks
lets challange the nonsense just for a while
and later you'll tell me it was worth to try

step up
take your time
but don't be too long you don't want to waste mine
and if you don't want to, to me its fine
but the present situation wont be that kind

they say to let you live they should produce your car
but if you ask me i think they go too far
if you need ten they'll make 4000 jars
and this is the message of the following bars

it's all about the money
it's all about the flooz
it's not about love
and it's not about yous
it'as all about mass production
hyper corruption where your the one to lose
so get down stand up
lets fight them back
we could blow them to hell in a heavy attack
push them real hard out of their track
brothers and sisters it's of you we lack

stand up
no time to loose
the people of the world is having the blues
they tired of being ruled by the everlasting fools
it's time we get together on our own set of rules

they say we have to bow to get allong with our lifes
but that my brother is the fatest of lies
they give us some shit and you play the fly
do realy like that game of selling and buy?

Janne I Min HjΓ€rna


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Step Up