~/It's All Over


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4. It's All Over

Artists: reSet Sakrecoer
Album: Psykedelisk Pop
Duration: 265.2734693877551 Seconds
It's all too late now,
As you are screaming out my name.
Too late to change now,
Or change my way,
As it's time to say good bye.
Please won't you stay for just a while?
Never been broken hearted before!
Go ahead love,
Take my heart.
Like so many times you've done it before.

Shoe box of memories is all that i keep.
Can't even look at your face.
It's all to late now.
Do i have to change my way?
As you are screaming out my name...

I can see the stars, see them pass me by.
Another hopeless night, for ever hopeless now.
I can see the stars bass me by.


Release Date: 2010-01-01
Genre: Electro Pop
Musicbrainz: 2310c89f-e392-4287-8da6-2b7b592e3eab