Electro Pop by reSet Sakrecoer

From the 2010 release "Psykedelisk Pop"



Si seior, si.
See, it has come to my attention, that a lot of people, don't believe in dreams.
And see, it's like every morning, when they wake up, they step out of bed empty.
This phenomenon is rather sad.
But coming to think of it, it has maybe always been like that.

Coming to think about my last dream
how blurry it seems.
A lot of unknown shapes and feelings.
Me and you dressed in jeans.


If i had to define to perfect dream,
it would be the one featuring you, you, yes you and you,
and you, and you and you, and you and you and you and me!
The dream of the perfect unity.
The dream of interplanetary harmony.

Coming to think about my last dream.
I realize how clear and clean.
The souvenir taste like sugar and cream,
My dream.

I know kid, i know: these ain't easy goals.
But there is no use, to loose your hope!

Si senior, hola!

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